cool videos and movies

Here is a collection of some extraordinary movies, documentaries or videos that I'd like to share.


Human Planet
Brilliant documentary series showing humans life on different extreme environments on earth and their ways of adaption. Each episode deeply touched and perfectly entertained me.

Planet Earth (BBC)
Documentary showing the beauty of life on earth with spectacular views on nature scenes and gigantic herds of animals. Absorbing!

David Attenborough's Africa
Similar to Planet Earth, a magnificent documentary focused on life in Africa directed by brilliant naturalist David Attenborough

This documentation is a visually breathtaking journey around the planet showing life of humans and nature. Trailer

Money as Debt
Documentation on the creation and history of money and the effects on human society. It's completely different to how most people think it works. Feels like a strange conspiracy theory, but I promise you, it's all true - I digged deep into that topic and now I'm convinced the money system is compeltely broken and the root cause of many economic problems

Documentation on the human treatment of animals. Rather emotional than objective but it demonstrates the idea of Specism pretty well. If you thought about becoming vegetarian and need more motivation, this is the film to watch



This is Water
Commencement Speech by David Foster Wallace on learning to Think and consciousness. One of the greatest speeches I've watched and going really deep.

Jim Carrey Commencement Speech
A funny, touching and powerful speech by Jim Carrey. I feel that Jim Carrey is one of the few people who have really figured out the big questions of life.

Which country does the most good for the world?
A TED speech by Simon Anholt on a new indicator to measure the goodness of a country

The good news of the decade?
TED speech by Hans Rosling showing you the best stats you have ever seen. Absorbing, entertaining and highly informative. Love this guy!

Charlie Chaplins Speech in The Great Dictator


A touching short movie on validation

Mr Willie (+Remix)
Mr Willie just being awesome and giving BAM!

Rise and Shine
Best sports motivational videoclip I have ever seen! Every time I watch it I feel super-energized and want to do sports.

Time lapse map of every nuclear explosion ever on Earth