About me

How can I know what I think until I read what I write?

My name is Lino Zeddies, I finished my economics studies in Berlin in 2015 and currently I see myself as an activist for various projects to pioneer a different society.

I have spent exchange semesters in San Diego, USA and Taipei, Taiwan that made me discover the joy of travelling. While maintaining travel blogs during those times (TaiwanSan Diego) I have come to find pleasure in writing and thereby developing and organizing my thoughts and therefore decided to start this blog.
During the last years I have read lots of books and blogs that have been a huge inspiration for me and with this blog I would like to put forward my own most important insights and ideas and hope that these will give a new perspective and some inspiration to others.

Besides my interest in economics, especially financial crises, the monetary and financial system as well as Pluralist Economics, I am interested in philosophy, psychology and personal development and of late also in new approaches of organizational design.

-Professional CV-

Special (or weird) traits, habits & activities:

  • I try to live simple, have set myself a personal monetary consumption limit for the future and abstain from all kinds of drugs and stimulants including coffee, nicotine and alcohol.
  • I constantly use to set myself new challenges and like to try out new things.
  • I am vegetarian (nearly vegan).
  • I actively participate in a movement to reform the monetary system, called "sovereign money reform" and am board member in the corresponding German organization Monetative e.V.
  • I am currently starting to work as a freelancer in the domain of organizational design to participate in bringing about a new era of self-organized, holistic and meaningful organizations.
  • I meditate regularly to cultivate mindfulness.